Blog #2
Escaping our old ways of thinking

Written by
Lory Kaufman

The problem with effectively transforming an economic system was best expressed by the preeminent economist John Maynard Keynes when he wrote,

The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones.”

This then is the reader’s work, to keep an open mind and not allow years of living in a society which works one way to stop you from seeing different possibilities. This is especially difficult for people who are doing relatively well in the present economy. You know others are suffering and deep down you want to help. But you are afraid that you and your family might lose comforts and services, like a nice home, healthcare, pensions, vacations and more. You believe you just can’t take the chance.
And when it comes time to vote, many do what’s called voting with your pocketbook. If this is you, I would suggest that when you do vote with your pocketbook, at least realize that this is what you are doing. Just remember, though, you don’t need to think with it. Realize what you are doing and admit it’s not a good long-term decision and you are making a short-term decision for selfish reasons. And then just maybe you will be able to really delve into why you’re doing it, and begin to be open to the possibilities that there is a different way to organize a long-term economy.

But what does one do with all this clear-eyed truth when they become enlightened to it?

It is a very hard reality to accept that you’ve been part of the problem. So how can one deal with it? The first thing is to accept change is going to be hard and will take time. And maybe we won’t be able to change the world before nature brings down the hammer

After all, as these words are written, we’re living through a WORLD-WIDE COVID PANDEMIC where multiple millions have died.
It is during these times where, fully aware of what’s going on around you, you must take care of yourself and find joy in the relationships with your family and friends. For appreciating those close to you will give you strength to carry on the struggle for change.
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